Rainbow Dartboard


Rainbow Dartboard is a game in which you must throw darts and all kinds of objects to dartboards and other different targets.

Test your aim by hitting mobile targets, having to deactivate all the colored hoops that will give you the extra score needed to beat the levels.
A craziness Arcade mode with 96 levels full of targets to shoot that will test your aim in a super colorful and entertaining game.

The smaller the target, the more points it will award you. Aim carefully!

– Complete the arcade mode to access more levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult.

– Each level of difficulty contains more kinds of targets, hit them will be a challenge.

– Get coins by playing to redeem them for items that will give you more points per throw or other advantages.

– Access the objects menu to select your preferred object and improve your score using it.

– You can buy coins and superpowers in the store in order to help you to complete the most difficult levels.